Locations: Mountain View, CA


Dates: 9/91-8/19/96

When I attended Clarion West, I met someone (Jane Hawkins, maybe?) who had attended Clarion, then saved her money for a couple years and took a year off of work to write fiction. It sounded like a great idea to me, so I resolved to do it.

Sometime in '93, I realized that I had friends scattered all over the country whom I never got to see. It occurred to me to combine the writing year with travel around the US.

Many delays ensued. I bought a motorcycle, crashed it, and bought a car. A year went by while I wrote The VRML 2.0 Handbook with Josie Wernecke.

Finally, at the beginning of August '96, I officially went on leave from SGI. A week later I finished working on the VRML book; I then spent two weeks sorting and packing all my possessions and putting most of them in storage. Then I hit the road.

(This page created 2 October 1996.)

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