Words easily mistyped #18b

This is part 2 of my latest list; see previous entry for part 1.

These ones are simple--they're generally typing errors (where someone knows the right word and spelling but mistypes something) or believed-correct misspellings (where someone legitimately thinks this is how the word is spelled). The distinctions and categorizations I'm making are not clear-cut; the real criterion I'm using to determine whether an item goes on the previous list or this one is that the following are items I don't have much to say about.

"add" for "ad"
Common typo: An advertisement is an "ad," not an "add."
"ammendment" for "amendment"
Another common typo/misspelling.
"causality" for "casualty"
Another common typo, in sentences like * "He was a causality of war."
"diffuse" for "defuse"
I keep seeing sentences like * "She diffused the bomb."
"dilemna" for "dilemma"
Another common typo/misspelling.
"form" for "from"
A common typo; thanks to Michelle for mentioning this in a comment a couple years ago.
"formerly" for "formally"
A very common typo/misspelling: * "At the courthouse, he was formerly charged with arson."
"Hemmingway" for "Hemingway"
The man's name has only one M.
"laywer" for "lawyer"
Common typo.
"loose" for "lose"
Very common misspelling.
"make due" for "make do"
Another common typo/misspelling. (Or maybe it's an eggcorn?)
"solider" for "soldier"
Very common typo, as I mentioned in an entry on smarter spellcheckers a few months back.
"taunt" for "taut"
I think this one's just a typo, as in * "She held the line taunt." (See also taught/taut.)
"too" for "to"
Typo. I see this a lot lately. * "I didn't mean too do it."

One Response to “Words easily mistyped #18b”

  1. Beezdotcom

    I reject the characterization of “dilemna” as a simple typo. It is not merely a ‘believed’ misspelling, but a ‘vigorously exercised’ misspelling. There is a small but stalwart cadre of us who, while acknowledging that we now live in a universe where “dilemna” has never been a valid spelling, still know that we were BORN into a universe where it was the ONLY valid spelling. I suspect a rift in the fabric of space-time.


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