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So I was sitting around with O. and D. and Kam the other night, and someone mentioned Chicago, and D. said his brother Kevin lived in Chicago.

And someone asked what Kevin did there, and D. said he taught math.

And I thought: ... wait ... D's last name is Wald ... Kevin Wald ... Chicago ... math ...


And I said, "Your brother is KEVIN WALD?????"

And indeed he was.

The reason I knew the name Kevin Wald is that he's the author of one of my very favorite filks ever, a piece generally known as "Heroine Barbarian," a Xena filk to the tune of "I am the very model of a modern major-general."

I printed it in my column ten years ago (follow above link to see it), with Kevin's permission, but it somehow never occurred to me that Kevin might have written some other good stuff.

So D. told me that Kevin's web pages included a bunch of other filks, and I went and looked, and lo! it is true!

My favorite is the one that D. proceeded to sing us: "Lord of the Rings," to the tune of "My Favorite Things."

But there are bunches of other fun things on the site as well, such as:

And many more.

Highly recommended.

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