Most disappointing spam of the day

Spam subject line:

Strange 11-Letter Word That Doubles Your Metabolism

Wow! A strange word, a long word, and a word that has an effect on the real world, all in one! Just my kind of thing!

Sadly, the message body didn't explicitly refer to words at all. Very disappointing.

(It did contain the word “biochemistry” in quotation marks, but as far as I can tell that's twelve letters long and not especially strange.)

So if any of you happen to know a strange 11-letter word that doubles your (or anyone else's) metabolism, could you post it in comments here? Thanks.

2 Responses to “Most disappointing spam of the day”

  1. shmuel

    Perhaps “metabolisms”?

    • Jed

      Hee! That’s a perfect answer–thanks!

      (Someone on Twitter also came up with that. I’m jealous; I wish I’d thought of it.)

      On Facebook, Terence gave what I suppose the spammer’s intended answer must have been: “a d i p o n e c t i n” (spaces added to avoid spamfilter), which is apparently being billed as a diet drug.


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