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Bread lies

Spam subject line: 5 Dangerous Lies about Bread I didn't read the message, but I assume this is what it said: Bread will creep into your house at night and steal all of your valuables. Bread is a minion of Satan, and you are what you eat. When you spread peanut butter on bread, the […]

macrodactylous misarchism

A piece of spam email that got past my spam filters the other day included a link to a web page that had the filename macrodactylous_misarchism.html. I suspect that the filename was generated by software that took two random words and strung them together; sadly, there don’t seem to be any web pages that are […]


Recently saw a spam subject line that I thought said "Succeed in a truth economy." Which brought all sorts of interesting science fictional ideas to mind. Until I saw that...

Keyword spam

My main blog has been receiving a lot of comment spam lately. Annoying, but the upside is that some of the comments are mildly entertaining: they're posted by a spambot...