Do you have…

Working, as I do, at the circulation counter of an academic library, I frequently have students come to the desk and ask if we have a particular text. Today, I have been repeatedly asked “Do you have Sexuality Now?” I have so far manfully refrained from replying “Not just at the moment, no, but ask me again after work.” I have also often been asked “Do you have Gendered Lives?” While in truth I have had only one life, it has indeed been gendered, occasionally to my irritation. This is presumably because we have The Gendered Society.

My personal favorite is being asked “Do you have Psychology in Your Life?” Yes. Yes, I do have psychology in my life, thank you for asking. On the other hand, being asked if I have Abnormal Psychology is a trickier proposition. Do I have Connections? Well, I know a few people. Do I have Street Justice? Definitely not. Do I have Rules for Radicals? No, the same rules apply to everyone.

Do I have College Study Skills? Alas, no. Do I have Organic Chemistry (with Biological Applications)? It seems likely. Do I have Personal Nutrition? Yes, very.

The real fun comes in the English department, though. Do you have White Teeth? Do you have Stitches? Do you have Monsters? Do you have Room? Do you have Plenty? Do you have The Plague?


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  1. -Ed.

    This morning: “Do you have Spinal Cord Injury?” No, that’s just how I walk.



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