Note: Arachnophobic people may want to skip this post.

The Wikipedia article about note-taking uses the word spidergram. It turns out that spidergrams are better known as spider diagrams, and that in the context of note-taking, that basically means mind-mapping, which I was previously familiar with. But I’m posting about the word spidergram for three reasons:

  • I’m amused by my mental image of a person dressed up as a spider showing up at one’s door to sing a message.
  • Speaking of songs, the theme song to the beloved animated TV show Spidergram is now stuck in my head.
  • I’m amused by this phrase from the Wikipedia article for spider diagram: “a unitary spider diagram adds existential points to an Euler or a Venn diagram.” It turns out that an existential point is not, as I initially interpreted it, an existentialist claim, but I’m still amused.

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