Sequel titles

Coming soon from the Coen Brothers: Blood Simple II: Blood Simpler.

I think I made that one up. I’ve also suggested that the sequel to The Mac Is Not a Typewriter should have been called The Mac Is Still Not a Typewriter. A couple of other sequel titles, these ones not by me (I don’t know who came up with them):

  • A sequel to E.T., to be titled ETC.
  • The Alien trilogy: Alien, Aliens, Alienses.

(See also Roman numerals in film sequel titles. And the joke about waiting to see Malcolm X until after you’ve seen the first nine movies in the series.)

Okay, your turn now: Suggest other unlikely titles for movie or book sequels.

3 Responses to “Sequel titles”

  1. Frederic Bush

    Dice Hard

  2. Ed Bernstein

    I think it was the great Adam Beechen who suggested that the sequel to The Abyss would be Son of Abyss.

    Presumably Neil Gaiman will be asked to write Season Two: Better Omens, and the long-awaited sequel to Cold Comfort Farm would be Colder Comforter Farmer


  3. MyS

    Benny and Jooly


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