Job title of the week

At first I thought this line in a Verge article was a typo: “According to one cryptogopher working at Google,…”

I also thought that cryptogopher sounded like a great superhero name. “Look, down in the ground! It’s Cryptogopher!”

But it turns out that Filippo Valsorda describes himself as Cryptogopher @Google in his Twitter profile. I imagine that that’s partly because he apparently works with the programming language Go, the mascot for which is the Go gopher. Unless I’m misinterpreting his phrase Go team; maybe he’s just cheering for a team.

(I suppose cryptogopher is probably not his job title as such, but I liked the phrase job title of the week better than self-description of the week.)

One Response to “Job title of the week”

  1. Geoffrey Noer

    My team at Google has someone whose title in the company directory is “Chief Executive Yak Shaver”


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