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2020 AP Stylebook changes

Article from ACES (an organization of editors) about this year’s changes to the AP Stylebook. (Article was published in May.) One particularly noteworthy part: Lead stylebook editor Paula Froke said the gender-neutral language entry “aims to treat people equally and is inclusive of people whose gender identity is not strictly male or female.” (I haven’t […]

auncle, ommer, ontle: gender-neutral aunt/uncle term?

I was idly wondering a few days ago whether there’s a non-gendered term for an aunt or uncle. Such a term might be useful (for example) for referring collectively to a group of aunts and uncles, or for referring to a specific aunt-or-uncle of unknown gender, or for referring to a nonbinary-gendered aunt or uncle. […]


The other day, Mary Anne linked to an article that claimed that the new gender-neutral title “Mx” was being officially added to the OED. I'm not linking to that article...

Ship gender

It's traditional in English to refer to ships using female pronouns. I've known that all my life, but I think this is the first time I've consciously noticed a case...