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In a book I’m reading, the narration uses the word nonplussed in a way that implies that it means a character is unbothered by something. I initially assumed that was a diction mistake, but I checked my dictionary just to be sure, and was astonished to find, in addition to the traditional meaning, a second […]

Does both mean two?

Nonscientific survey here. Question 1: In your own personal usage, can you use the word both with more than two items? For example, do the following sound okay to you? Wash both the plate, the bowl, and the cup. Wash both of the three dishes. Question 2: What about the word either? For example: Wash […]

Most uniquest

It’s not only unique. It’s not only very unique. It’s not only the most unique. It’s the most unique ever. “Palo Alto Pizza Co. offers the Bay Area’s most unique gourmet pizza experience ever.”