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Bass Canards

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Wouldn't that make a good name for a four-man a cappella group, all basses?

Or maybe it's a cross between a fish and a duck.

Anyway, I don't really have time to post a real entry, and probably won't for a while; major deadline approacheth at work. But I did feel the need to take a moment to respond to the base canard included in Mary Anne's latest journal entry. She recently declared herself to be king, and has since acquired at least three or four loyal subjects. I, however, have been loath to join her kingdom; what sort of self-respecting anarchist would swear fealty to a king? Even benevolent dictators are dictators. I figured eventually I would issue a prospectus ultimatum what the hell is that word? Jed's language centers appear to be offline. Ah, yes, a manifesto. Or some such.

But now in today's entry, Mary Anne (sweet and benevolent king that she is) claims that I'm "trying to overthrow [her] lovely benevolent monarchy."

Which is nothing but a canard. (And since it's not an acid canard, it must be a base one.) I am the best sort of anarchist: a pacifist anarchist. (I hesitate to even admit that much publicly, since these days I imagine anarchists are likely to be hauled off before tribunals before they can say whether they're pacifists or not, but what the hell, live dangerously.) I attempt to overthrow nothing; I merely provide a philosophical stance counter to the goals of the authoritarian statist regime of the king. So there. If I had a good tongue-sticky-outy icon, I'd use it. (No good anarchist should be without a tongue-sticky-outy icon. Don't tell on me; they'll take away my membership card in the International Anarchist Association.)

(In point of fact, I'm also the worst sort of anarchist, in that I harbor socialist tendencies, which could be seen as being about as far from anarchism as you can get. (But see Kropotkin for "anarchist communism.") Regardless, that philosophy too is incompatible with the rule of kings.)

"We come in peace," they said, "to dig and sow;
We come to work the land in common and to make the waste ground grow;
This earth divided, we will make whole
So it can be a common treasury for all."

—Leon Rosselson, "The World Turned Upside Down"

'Nuff for now.

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