Good things

Some assorted good things:

  • There’s now only one published Joanna Russ story that I don’t have a copy of (and a university library may be sending me that last one soon). And I’m making progress on a couple of Russ-related projects.
  • I’ve been helping the Otherwise Award folks catch up on various tasks and get their email addresses a little more organized. More on this to follow later this week.
  • I recently read and loved Terry Bisson’s 1988 short novel Fire on the Mountain. An alternate history in which John Brown and Harriet Tubman succeeded in their raid at Harpers Ferry, leading eventually to a socialist utopia. Really good stuff.
  • Kam and I recently re-watched the first Spider-Verse movie and watched the second one for the first time, and I loved both of them. Astonishing movies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything else like them.
  • I’m writing a story for the 250-word-titles anthology. I don’t expect it to be brilliant, but I think/hope it’ll be fun (both to write and to read).
  • I’ve reached a 300-day streak on Duolingo.
  • I got a version of my résumé done (thanks to a couple of people who reviewed it), which I’ve been putting off doing for about a year. Hoping to get another, slightly more polished, version done soon, and start sending it out.
  • I’m making ongoing gradual progress on various other projects too.
  • I have, overall, a pretty rich and full life, with people I care about and who care about me, and engaging projects, and interesting things to read and watch and play and listen to.

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