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Toyota goes hybrid

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I ought to be reading subs, or editing, or sleeping, or some combination of those. But instead I went looking for something on Slashdot, and ended up at a Bloomberg News article that says that "Toyota . . . plans to use gasoline-electric hybrid engines in all vehicles by 2012. . . ."

Interesting tidbits:

Toyota is the only automaker capable of soon building enough hybrids to overcome the current $3,000-a-vehicle cost disadvantage against traditional cars and trucks, said Fitch Ratings analyst Chris Struve.

. . .

Toyota expects to sell 300,000 hybrids annually through its own dealerships by 2007, Takimoto said. That's two years later than the company indicated in previous statements.

. . .

Nissan . . . last month said it would buy hybrid-engine parts from Toyota starting in 2006. General Motors . . . also has asked about buying Toyota's technology. . . .


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