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No more kitsuneyama mail

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I just finally got around to removing Alex's various email addresses from the kitsuneyama pages, and setting things up so that any piece of mail addressed to any kitsuneyama address receives a bounce message. In the past year or so, I've only received one non-spam message to a kitsuneyama address, and some spammer has recently started sending lots of mail that purports to be from kitsuneyama addresses so I'm getting lots of bounces from that spam.

(And I've always gotten lots of spam addressed directly to kitsuneyama addresses—Alex always got a lot more spam than I did.)

So now the pages say to contact the site maintainer, and they link to the memorial page, which has my regular email address on it. I don't know if it'll decrease the spam, but at least sysadmins who read the bounce messages will know I'm not sending spam from that domain.

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