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Strange Horizons updates

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We've now responded to all stories submitted before 24 April. If you submitted to us on or before 23 April 2007, please query immediately.

Submission volume has, of course, continued to be high. In May, we had 327 submissions, making it "only" the 7th-highest-volume month ever; that's a 30% increase over May of 2006. Meanwhile, June is on track to be the new second-highest-volume month; we've had 85 subs so far this week, with two days left in the week. Which is to say, this week we're getting about one and a half times as many submissions as "normally" do, even by the recent unusually high standards of normalcy.

In other words, we continue to be totally swamped with submissions. I suppose there are worse problems to have. But I'm getting tired of running hard to stay in one place, and it's causing me to lose focus, which is resulting in my slipping behind in both submission-reading and editing. (Susan and Karen seem to be keeping up a little better than I am, but none of us is as far ahead on editing as would be ideal.) Our response time continues to go up, and we continue to send more form rejections due to having less time to devote to any given story.

On the plus side, it seems like I've been seeing an unusual amount of praise for the magazine from readers lately--people posting positive comments in our forum, people dropping us notes, people talking with us at WisCon. That's immensely gratifying, to hear that people appreciate what we're doing.

Okay, enough for tonight. Of course the reason I've posted two entries tonight is that I'm procrastinating on editing, so I'd better go work on that before I fall asleep.

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