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Photos of Mary Anne's family


On Sunday, Kam and I went to Mary Anne & Kevin's and took some photos of them and baby Kavya and puppy Ellie for possible use on a holiday card. Kam, who actually knows what she's doing, took her time and set things up and Took Photos; I, who have no idea what I'm doing and usually just take snapshots intended to preserve memories rather than to be great photos, just snapped away at anything that moved, often not even looking at the image on the camera screen, figuring that if I took enough photos I might happen to capture some nice fleeting expressions that I would otherwise miss.

Jed and KavyaAfterward, Kam went through her 100+ photos and picked the dozen or so that she felt were good enough to show M & K; meanwhile, I dumped all 300 of mine onto M's hard drive after barely glancing at them.

M & K picked two of Kam's to choose between for their main photo, and cleverly cropped the best parts of a dozen of mine to possibly use as secondary photos if they do a card layout that allows multiple photos. And M posted all those photos (all their favorites, not all 300+) to her journal, so if you'd like to help pick which ones to use on their card, stop on by!

It was fun, and I learned some things, like the fact that although calling Kavya's name is unlikely to get her to look at you, setting off a flash nearby can sometimes attract her attention. Which was unfortunate in some cases 'cause I was using a flash from one direction and Kam was using a better camera (and no flash) from a different direction, leading to Kavya looking at me while everyone else was looking at Kam. Ah, well.

Later, in the kitchen, I was holding Kavya and she fell asleep, and I suspected it would make a good photo so I asked Kam to take one. It did make a good photo, but as it turned out, Kavya woke up moments later (without my knowing it), and that made an even better photo, which I'm including here.


What an adorable picture -- almost as if she knows she's having her picture taken, and she certainly knows how cute she is!

That is one cute baby. Your own cuteness quotient skyrockets based on proximity.

Very, very cute indeed.

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