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Watchmen opening imminently


I'm tempted to attend the Thursday midnight showing of Watchmen. The theatre a five-minute drive from my house is showing it, and I imagine it would be a lot of fun to be there with the opening-night crowd.

On the other hand, the movie is 2 hours 43 minutes long. Plus previews. Chances are I wouldn't be in bed 'til 3:30 a.m. And I'm still kinda sick.

So I think I'll probably do a Friday afternoon showing instead.

But I might wander over to the theatre at 11:30 Thursday night just to see the crowd anyway. I suspect there'll be some good Rorschach costumes if nothing else.

As for the movie itself: I'm trying to set my expectations properly. I think I can expect that it'll look great, visually amazingly true to the comic. I saw a preview recently that had some of the character voices in it, and I now expect to be a little disappointed by those. I heard a vague rumor/spoiler about an aspect of the plot that allegedly differs a lot from the comic, so I'm going to try not to be too disappointed by that. And I already knew that some of the costumes aren't quite what I would've hoped for.

In short, I'm trying to set my expectations appropriately to enjoy the good parts and not be too bothered by the parts that don't live up to my hopes. But boy will it be hard. I think the only other movie I've looked forward to so much in the last several years was the first Narnia movie.

Btw, I may not read comments on this entry until after I see the movie--I'm trying to avoid anything that could remotely be construed as a spoiler, even though that seems silly in light of my attempts to set my expectations properly. I've been avoiding reading reviews; even the titles of some of the reviews say more than I'd like, so I may avoid reading news entirely for the next couple days. We'll see.


I've seen several movies at 12:01am showings, and I tend not to remember them as well as those I see at more-awake hours. So unless you'd be going with a group of friends which would make it a social event (or unless you anticipate you'll want to forget the movie), I'd recommend waiting.

The one 12:01 show I went to was very fun for me. I was at camp, and wanted to see the 5th Harry Potter. A bunch of folks led by LauraC's daughter wanted to go, but had not vehicle (nor did I), so I asked Greg (camp owner) if I could use the camp van and take a group. He balked at the idea of folks being out all night, but agreed off duty staff can do what they like, and loaned me the van. Then Laura's daughter & her friends decided not to go after all, so I sulked for an hour because I couldn't justify driving just myself in a huge vehicle 45 min just to see a movie alone. And then suddenly a counselor ran in and asked if I was ready to go -- an entirely different group had formed around the rumor that I had the van. So the sudden reversal, followed by the drive with enthusiastic new friends to line up with other wildly enthusiatic folks... just made it all... well, come to think of it, far more memorable than the movie itself. But still, I loved it.

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