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New York and New Hampshire status updates

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As expected, the New York state Assembly passed the same-sex marriage bill today. (A07732: Relates to individuals ability to marry.) I kept checking the news all day today to see whether this had happened. It was widely expected/assumed that it would pass, but I'm still pleased.

The vote this time was 89 in favor (including five Republicans), 52 opposed (apparently including some Democrats, but I'm not sure about that). Last time they passed such a bill, in 2007, the vote was 85 to 61.

Sadly, there are still big obstacles ahead for this one. Last I heard, the state Senate majority leader was still saying that he would not bring it to a vote in the Senate until he was sure he had enough votes to pass it, and he was indicating that they were still somewhere around 6 to 8 votes short of having that majority. The hope is that the Assembly vote, and especially the yes votes from some Republicans, will help convince Senators.

For more info about the situation in New York and its history, see tacithydra's excellent writeup from a couple weeks ago.

The news from New Hampshire is that there's still no news. The bill there is still slowly wending its way to Gov. Lynch's desk, so the five-day clock still hasn't started; the governor has still not indicated what he's going to do when it reaches him; there still may be time to help convince him by contacting him.

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There's a catch, because he wants more protections for religious folks, which means ANOTHER bill has to go through the legislature - a chance for the fundies to sink everything through procedural games. So it's not out of the woods yet, but it can see the break in the trees.

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