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Entertaining but very NSFW videos


Unless you have an unusually enlightened workplace, you probably don't want to watch the belowlinked videos at work. You may not even want to read this entry at work.

Kam and a new friend of hers and I were playing Pandemic last night, and conversation somehow turned to songs by cabaret duo The Wet Spots.

As their website puts it:

Picture a husband and wife team from the golden age of comedy. Now picture them singing sweetly about threesomes and taking it in the ass.

We started with their video of "Fist Me This Christmas," a catchy little ditty that may run through your head for days.

Then we moved on to their video of "Do You Take It." Less catchy, but a funny video, and, in its own way, kind of romantic.

And we rounded out the set with a non-Wet Spots short film (three minutes) of poly relationships called "Polly Wally," written and directed by Kirby Ferguson. Some people have poly drama; these folks have poly comedy.

While I was looking for that last one just now, I came across the rest of Kirby Ferguson's videos (many of them episodes of a sort of video blog) on the Goodie Bag website. The one I liked most is a funny piece called "Protecting and Maintaining Your Heterosexual House of Cards," discussing the homosocial phenomenon where male friends on, for example, a bus choose not to sit too close to each other. I especially like the demonstration bits, starting about 45 seconds into it. This one doesn't have anything really explicitly sexual in it, but does have, you know, images of men kissing (and almost kissing), which is, like, totally gay, so I may as well lump it together with the really explicit videos.


"That sounds great. What do you call the act?"

"The Aristocrats!"

I especially loved "Protecting and Maintaining Your Heterosexual House of Cards."

Extremely funny videos my favorite Fist Me This Christmas as it had me rolling for a couple minutes!!

[Note from Jed: The URL and email address made clear that this was spam, but either it's a very clever spambot or it was a human who posted it. So I'm leaving it here, but I've removed the URL as usual.]

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