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Magazine seeks First Reader

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Just realized I never posted here about our job opening.

For the past fourteen months or so, the SH fiction department has had three Editorial Assistants whose job was to read a bunch of the incoming stories and decide whether to pass them along to us fiction editors.

They collectively made the lives of us editors much easier; I haven't done stats, but they reduced our reading load by somewhere around 40%-50%, which was the main factor in our not completely burning out. (Their assistance was also why we didn't have to close to subs for a couple months mid-year, like we did in 2008.) Many thanks to all three of them!

After over a year of stalwart work, two of the three have decided to move on. We're sorry to see you go, Karen B and Michael D!

The third, Lane B, is staying on, under the new title of First Reader, which we decided is a more accurate indication of the job's duties. (Still not entirely accurate, but closer.) But the job is way too much work for one person.

We've now found a new First Reader to join Lane; welcome, Erin K!

But we still need another one.

We have several applicants at various stages of the application process, but it's not too late to apply.

If you're interested, take a look at our jobs page for details about the job and how to apply.

Note that this position, like all SH staff positions, is a volunteer job; no pay. We expect it to take somewhere around five hours a week, though probably a bit more during January's submission flood, and maybe a bit less after you get used to the job.

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