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My emotional state

A couple weeks ago, I sat down to write a blog entry about how I was doing with regard to... (More...)

Travel, wedding, dragons

After a short weekend sojourn to LA, I got on the plane to go home. Arrived at Mary Anne's place... (More...)

Visits, a wedding, and other updates

Somehow in the past couple weeks' worth of entries here I've managed to completely neglect to mention seeing Tempest and... (More...)

Wedding in the park

Attended Susan & Matt's lovely wedding today. The weather was quite nice, though a bit hot in my black suit... (More...)


Attended Lola & Jay's lovely and enjoyable wedding this afternoon. Lola danced up the aisle to "Whatever Lola Wants" from... (More...)


Attended Gerry & Lara's wedding today. A fair bit of running around beforehand: picked up Kam & Naomi in Sunnyvale,... (More...)

Susan and Matt's news!

I neglected to link last week to Susan's blog post in which she announced that she and Matt are engaged!... (More...)


The occasion for the trip to WA this weekend was J&S's wedding. It was in Port Townsend. I had been... (More...)

Wedding weekend

The wedding was lovely. Up until the last minute, there was some uncertainty about whether it would have to be... (More...)

Video roundup

Some more unthemed videos for your delectation and amusement: The South Pasadena Unified Grade "A" Jug Band, consisting of students... (More...)


Too sleepy to say much just yet, but wanted to note for now that Kendra & Jere7my's wedding was lovely.... (More...)

Items: news, congratulations, etc

A few assorted tidbits I've been meaning to mention: adfamiliares and jere7my got engaged! J7y also posted a great photo... (More...)


Today my old friend (and ex-sweetie) Beth got married to Kam's high-school friend Catie. The story of how they met... (More...)

Anniversaries today

Today is Ray Bradbury's 82nd birthday. It would also have been Dorothy Parker's 109th, were she still alive. I continue... (More...)