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Beware Grovo, Badoo, and other services that want access to your email

Back in 2007, a couple of companies called Quechup and Tagged (among others) did this thing where they asked you... (More...)

Manliness satisfies? (NSFW)

I think it's interesting that so much spam is phrased in terms of heterosexual men making themselves better lovers. A... (More...)

No lab grown diamonds for me?

Today's best spam starts out thusly: Hello, my name is Jason Carter and I am an Internet Rankings Engineer. I... (More...)

Your blog may've been invisibly hijacked (but don't panic)

If you have a certain type of self-hosted blog (see below), I recommend doing a quick Google search for various... (More...)

Latvian multi-connection spam

Just got an odd piece of email spam. Google Translate says it's Latvian, and it claims to be from an... (More...)

"I will spam your readers, at no cost to you!"

I've been getting notes in email lately from spammers offering to write guest posts in my blog. The latest one... (More...)

Be careful posting comments in my blog

For the moment, comments in my blog are working. But at any time, the spambots could hit the comment script... (More...)


Last week, the spambots hit my blog in force. Thousands of spam comments in a short period; enough of a... (More...)

Missing comments?

Just discovered that a comment on my blog from Ted the other day got marked as spam by the TypePad... (More...)

Too much spam

A recent flood of comment spam has led to my turning off comments on this blog temporarily, until I figure... (More...)

Do y'all leave JavaScript enabled?

I used to see stats that said something like 10% of all people browsing the web didn't have JavaScript enabled.... (More...)

Building a better spambot

I've been remiss in deleting spam from my moderated-comments queue in the past month-plus; as of yesterday, there were over... (More...)

Flattering comment spam

It used to be that comment spam was full of nasty remarks. These days, though, it's more often full of... (More...)

Spambox zero

I get hundreds of pieces of spam email a day; sometimes thousands. It used to be that every couple of... (More...)

Still more messed-up spam filtering

We sent out two rejections the other day that got bounce messages from a server between us and the intended... (More...)

Spammer + spammer

Two consecutive pieces of spam this morning, which would've been unremarkable except for their juxtaposition: Hello, I know its not... (More...)

SH rejections considered spam by some mail systems

We've recently had a spate of queries from authors who use Gmail who haven't received rejections that we've sent them.... (More...)

Unbiased reviews, paid for by the reviewee

Got an interesting and somewhat amusing piece of spam this morning: Hello, I'm the webmaster of [URL removed by Jed]... (More...)

Spam stat

I've (reluctantly, and for the time being) shifted over to using Apple's exclusively--Eudora was too crashy, and Odysseus won't... (More...)

Spam news network

A recent development in email spam subject lines: provocative fake news headlines (often political), some of which are kinda amusing.... (More...)

This morning's comment spam

Got interesting comment spam this morning from someone using the name "Robert." He or she posted two comments (one on... (More...)

This morning's best spam

Got spam email this morning addressed to webmaster@[my domain], with subject line "IRS Fears Ron Paul?" I figured it might... (More...)

Spammy marriage proposal

Someone I don't know posted a comment here the other day that I thought was kinda interesting, but a little... (More...)

Beware of Quechup

A bunch of people are getting email from a new social networking site called Quechup. Unfortunately, as with some other... (More...)

Acres of Spam

Email spam had reached more or less a steady state for me for a while, but things have suddenly escalated... (More...)

No more comments from

Today, over the course of about 7 hours, my journal received over 500 pieces of comment spam that got through... (More...)

Human-powered comment spam

I'm not really sure what to make of this. There've been half a dozen times in the past month when... (More...)

Funny spam

Got an amusing piece of spam this morning--though I imagine it's not so amusing to people who don't know much... (More...)

Travel, comics, TV, spam, Halloween, birthdays

Sorry so out of touch lately. I have dozens of things I want to post about, as always, but somehow... (More...)

Comment spam update

I've been meaning to mention for a couple weeks that I seem to have found a good solution, for now... (More...)

PayPal phishing

I get a whole lot of spam that claims to be from PayPal and says my account has been blocked... (More...)

Comment spam update

A couple of notes about my recent comment spam experiences: MT 3.2 continues to have the same pros and cons... (More...)

Don't spam the editors

Here's another piece of advice for writers. (Or anyone else, but writers are who I see doing this.) When you're... (More...)

Link exchange spam

I regularly get spam from webmasters asking me to participate in a link exchange; their site has nothing to do... (More...)

Spam spam spam

And of course hours after I posted that last entry, I got hit by the biggest wave of comment spam... (More...)

Spam notes

Noted in passing: got spam this morning from one Ereshkigal Browne. Who knew that the goddess of the underworld had... (More...)