I had a hard time deciding, that day, whether to stay home where I had a Net connection, or go elsewhere to get hugs and watch TV. (My TV doesn't receive anything; I use it to watch videotapes.) I opted eventually for the latter.

Normally, I get all the human contact I need from email and journals; I mean, seeing people in person is great, and certainly higher-bandwidth, but I can happily go without direct in-person "f2f" contact for days at a time. But this week I was really craving being around people in person.

I should note that I don't mean any of what I'm writing about my personal responses to sound Big and Dramatic. I know that many many people were much more directly affected than I was; many had extraordinarily difficult choices to make; I certainly don't mean any of this to be whiny. Just reporting my responses, laying groundwork for discussion to follow.

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