World reactions

Thought it was worth pointing to Zak's page listing non-American news sources, as well as a huge (and slow-loading) page of photographs from around the world (I particularly like the one of the guy with the mohawk). It's really interesting to see the variety of reactions. I'd expected a lot of other countries to say "You Americans are so full of yourselves, this kind of thing happens all the time elsewhere, just learn to deal with it." And indeed there have been some such reactions in the newspapers; for example, this article from the Daily Mail and Guardian (a South African paper) talks about why some people hate the US so much. (It's not a pleasant thing for an American to read, but it's thought-provoking.) But as shown in the photos, there's also been a tremendous outpouring of grief and support from all over. Someone commented today that it's as if the world is welcoming us to the community of nations-affected-by-terrorism....

I'll be posting more commentary and thoughts and discussion, as well as some links to less-than-hopeful news and comments, eventually. But this is all I have time for right now.

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