You’ve got mail!

I know lots of people have had many major problems with the good old US Postal Service, but they've been awfully good to me for many years. Much better than UPS, and generally better than Airborne or FedEx. The USPS has repeatedly gone out of its way to provide me with excellent customer service, which is more than I can say for just about any other business in the world; most other businesses seem to go out of their way to provide me with the worst possible customer service.

I was thinking nice thoughts about the USPS again last week when I mailed a small package; once again the person behind the counter was nicer to me than she really had any need to be.

So I'm very pleased to learn that they have a sense of humor as well. For example, they provide instructions on how best to ship a hippo.

If that gives you any ideas about mailing other unwieldy objects, you might first examine an article on Postal Experiments published in the Annals of Improbability Research, an article which tends to provide further evidence to justify my belief that the USPS often does the best it can under trying circumstances.

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