Surrounded by boxes

Last night I spent a while packing up my cube into boxes. The move was supposed to happen at 9:30 this morning.

It didn't happen. The movers moved some other people all morning, and then disappeared. My manager eventually found out that we hadn't been put on the Facilities list to be moved today. They apologized, and told us they could come and move us next week.

But to avoid making us keep all our stuff in boxes for a week, they told us if we wanted to move our own stuff, we could.

Which was what I wanted in the first place; I just wish they'd given us that option before I packed everything into boxes.

They did hold fast to the rule that nobody's allowed to move their own monitors. Monitors are big heavy things and someone might get hurt. So they got a couple guys from Facilities to come and move them. These guys didn't take any special precautions; just lift and carry. Exactly what I would've done if they'd let me.

The cynic in me is inclined to think that the company is less concerned with the possibility of low-paid Facilities grunts getting injured on the job than with the possibility of high-paid tech writers being injured on the job.

Counting everything involved in the process, it took something like half the day today to move. And now our work surfaces aren't at the right height, and we don't have keyboard trays. (I realize I'm being a big whiner here; I realize that many people don't have computers, or, say, don't have food. But this is my journal and I'll whine if I want to.)

Not really that big a deal, of course. Mildly amusing, even, in that "nothing you can do but laugh about it" sort of way that bureaucracy so often has about it.

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