And more surrealism

I forgot to mention, when documenting the surrealist turns my life has occasionally taken lately, that one night last week when I left work, I walked down the side stairwell as usual, and came out into the darkened side hallway as usual, and something squushed beneath my feet.

It took me several seconds of exploration to realize that the entire hallway was carpeted in bubble wrap.

They've been vacating the offices on the first floor, and demolishing partitions and such, and apparently they laid down a wall-to-wall sheet of bubble wrap in the hallway to (presumably) protect the floor as they carted out the rubble. For all I know this is standard practice for industrial movers, but I've never seen it before, and it took me rather by surprise.

It's been there for almost a week now. If I had more energy in the evenings, perhaps I would do jumping jacks in the hall, accompanied by the popping of plastic bubbles.

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