Quick entry

Yesterday was Kam's birthday; spent the day hanging out with her. We went to an early-afternoon showing of Attack of the Clones (half-full theatre, half-asleep audience; nobody but us laughed at any of the funny bits; no time to post full review, but overall feeling was that it was definitely better than Phantom Menace but that that ain't sayin' much; didn't like it as much as I'd hoped, didn't dislike it as much I'd feared), then sat in a park and read comic books and chatted, then dinner, then hot-tubbing. Then home to edit. The result was that I was off email for 24 hours (and mostly off the computer), and the secondary result was that today I spent a lot longer dealing with yesterday's email than I'd intended to, so I didn't get started on cleaning the apt (in preparation for hosting workshop tomorrow) 'til much later than planned. Making progress, but still a long way to go. So I'm taking a break to post this.

One of the items in yesterday's email was a note from someone I knew back in elementary school and middle school, but lost touch with after that. She'd seen the Prisoner discussion that KTEH rebroadcast the other week, and wanted to know if it was the same Jed Hartman, so she looked me up on the Web. It's good to have a Web presence. Turns out that if I'd taken a different job two years ago, I would probably have been working closely with her fiance for the past couple years. This world, she is a small and curious place.

Okay, off to do more dishes 'n' stuff.

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