Where do the days go?

Spent much of the weekend working on cleaning apartment in preparation for workshop meeting on Sunday afternoon. Got a lot done—went from almost all dishes dirty to almost all dishes clean over the course of 24 hours, plus three loads of laundry, plus clearing off table and floor and futon/couch in living room. Unfortunately, much of the cleared-off stuff ended up on the floor of my room, sigh.

Also managed to squeeze in watching The Godfather along the way. It's the only movie in most big top-ten-movies-ever lists that I hadn't seen before, so I figured if nothing else I should see it for cultural literacy reasons. My conclusion: worth seeing, but doesn't come close to making my top-ten list. I suspect one reason it didn't impress me that much is that it was such a seminal work—I've seen movies about the Mafia, I've seen TV shows about them, I know the tropes. I suspect most of the tropes came from this movie (I feel like someone who sees West Side Story and then later sees Romeo and Juliet and says "There's nothing really new here"), but to me they're familiar enough, from my vantage point 30 years later, that they're not that impressive.

Other than that, doing database stuff, dinners with various people, watched Jeremiah and the latest episode of Buffy (the only one I've seen since the musical; pretty intense), trying to get some reading done, this and that. Busy vacation. I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get everything done I wanted to get done, but I'd hoped to make more progress on some of my projects by now. But that's what I get for socializing and watching movies, I guess.

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