Subtle enhancements

I've made a few small changes to this journal.

The visible parts are things like adding a search form to every page, and making the "list entries for a given day" menus default to the date of the entry you're viewing, which makes them far more useful. Also changed the search so that it shows titles and dates only, rather than giving the full text of all the entries containing the search string.

But mostly the changes are to stuff you can't see: just cleaning up the code that works behind the scenes. I had a lot of PHP code left over from the first incarnation of the journal, which I created using a PHP extension to Dreamweaver before PHP was incorporated into the product. The PHP code generated by Dreamweaver MX is a lot cleaner and easier to read and modify. Oh, and I made a start at converting everything to XHTML, though I haven't yet run the validator on it so no doubt there'll still be some changes to make.

Anyway, I think all the publicly visible stuff works correctly now, but if you run into any problems, drop me a line. (You can use the new mail link at the top of the show-entry page.)

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