More birthdays

I meant to post earlier to mention that Thursday would have been Fred Rogers's 75th birthday, had he lived.

But now it's after midnight, so I'll instead just note that today (Friday) would have been J. S. Bach's 318th birthday. Had he lived.

And no, that's not a request for zombie musical-genius stories, especially not ones that end with the punchline "I'm decomposing!"

Anyway, earlier in the week it was Patrick McGoohan's and Jeff H's birthday (P. McG. turned 75; born one day before Mr. Rogers); before that, John Updike turned 71; Monday was Josh's birthday, and would've been my grandfather's 91st; last week featured birthdays of David Powers, Tad Williams, and Albert Einstein. (Next March will be Einstein's 125th.) And the week before that, Gabriel García Márquez turned 75.

Oh, and this entry has the number 1000 as its entry ID. I've actually only posted 943 entries (most of those in the past two days [rimshot])—the numbering system includes Vardibidian's entries as well as test entries that I've subsequently deleted or that otherwise went awry—but I suppose it's some kind of milestone anyway.

And now I'm going to bed.

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