Web roundup

Some items from this morning, and then I really gotta go edit some more:

Great metaphor from an article about web content on PDAs:

Trying to input a web address—much less replying at length to an email—via a mobile phone's keypad is akin to shoving an elephant through a porthole. The first experience is thrilling, much like seeing the elephant's trunk slide easily through. By the second or third session, frustration sets in and muscle strain looms. The advent of "predictive input" like T9 only greases the elephant; The task is still impossible.

"Greasing the elephant" sounds like a euphemism, doesn't it?

Speaking of metaphors, thanks to Doug for the pointer to the brilliantly over-the-top Crimethink Manifesto:

Crimethink is the burning bush in the desert of industrial society, which can still be found between the thighs of the most mercilessly free and beautiful.

Thanks to Doug for A Simple Question of Hot as well. Simon "Space Ninja" Wright Photoshops a photo of Hitler and posts it on hotornot.com along with a photo of himself, to see which of them is considered hotter:

A foe truly worthy of battle. I mean, he's still hitler, but now he's a SEXY hitler.

The comparison table is particularly funny.

Finally, who could resist an article about a sex-crazed giant squid?

"If we are talking about a 200kg squid, this is an animal with a 20g brain," [New Zealand squid expert Steve O'Shea] told New Scientist.

"It's not very bright and it is trying to coordinate a metre-long penis.

"He's going to get a bit confused."

Just saying the phrase "sex-crazed giant squid" makes me laugh. And whose idea was it to use the word "mount" in the first paragraph of that article?

(Sigh—I've lost track of who had the pointer to the squid. Sorry.)

(...Maybe the squid should get together with that elephant from the PDA article...)

4 Responses to “Web roundup”

  1. Will

    (…Maybe the squid should get together with that elephant from the PDA article…)

    Well, if the elephant makes it through the porthole and, presumably, into the ocean. . . .

  2. David Moles

    I first read that as “20kg brain” and “It is very bright”.

    I like my version better.

  3. metasilk

    I think the offspring would be a jelly elephant.

    And given that we use “jelly elephant” as a verb ’round here (to describe amorphos tasks that need to be done but keep blooping in weird ways…)…

    ick! *laugh*

  4. Rachel Heslin

    If the elephant’s trunk can get out of the porthole, then certainly the squid’s, um, never mind.


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