When I'm staying at other people's houses, I go too long without eating. The food is in a weird place, or it's weird food, or they're not around and I'm not sure what it's okay to eat, or they are around and they're making their own meal and I don't want to crowd the kitchen, or I can't find the can opener, or I'm busy and I just forget, or I get fixated on something and ignore my stomach.

When I'm visiting other people, I go too long without water. Especially when I'm sick, and when I have a sore throat I don't want to be swallowing anything, even water, and the idea of consuming anything (even water) makes me feel sicker.

Unfortunately, not eating and not drinking isn't so good, especially when I'm sick; it's not conducive to getting healthy.

Will try to do better.

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  1. Joe

    I actually have the opposite problem with water. When I’m home, I often forget that I can easily get myself something to drink, and don’t notice that I need it until I’m really thirsty, whereas when I’m at someone else’s place, I never hesitate to ask for a drink, and will steadily sip water for as long as I’m there.


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