Maynard Moose Tales!

Way back at Swarthmore, Josh introduced us to the marvels of Willy Claflin's Maynard Moose Tales, audio recordings of some very silly fairy tales done in the extremely silly voice of one Maynard Moose. There are such classic Mother Moose Tales as "Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs," "Handsome and Gristle," and "Stupid Jack with Beanstalk," all intended to "preserve traditional moose values." (To hear a sample of that last one, go to the August House ordering page for the first album and click the Sample Audio Clip link.)

I've just ordered the two all-Maynard Moose albums. His other albums each have at least one Maynard Moose tale on them, but I figure two albums is enough for now.

But if you want more samples, try these:

  • On the Uglified Ducky page, "The Ants and the Grasshopper" (especially if you're a musician). (I wasn't so fond of "Little Red Riding Tunes" on that album, though.)
  • On the Wolf Under the Bed page, "Hush Little Moosie" (which has slow bits, but also very funny bits).

And in a totally different (not funny) vein, I rather like his song "Just One More Story," available from the Willy Claflin Live page.

Thanks, Josh!

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