Yesterday afternoon, drove up to the East Bay for dinner with David M, Heather S, and Tim P. We ate at a Japanese place off Telegraph (possibly Joshu-Ya), which makes the third time I've had Japanese food in the past week—not that I'm complaining, mind you; I like Japanese food, and unlike a lot of my friends I don't have any particular need to avoid repeating cuisines. (I also had Thai food at least twice this week.)

Good food, good conversation, good company. Took my mind off other stuff for a while. We noted early on that our part of the sf world is an incestuous one: SH has published all three of them, they've all bought stuff from me, and Tim and Heather have published David.

They had all bought cool Berkeley street art, but I imagine they'll talk about that in their own journals. We chatted about this and that, moved to a cafe when it got too cold to sit outside on the restaurant patio, chatted some more. Eventually the evening drew to a close. I stopped by Beth's briefly to say hi, then came home and almost immediately fell asleep.

And thus ends Jed's three weeks of socializing. Planning to spend the day with Kam today; think I'm probably not going to make it to Beth's Mother's Day gathering for people who don't have mothers. Maybe we'll go sit in the sun somewhere. And I've got some SH stuff to do as always.

It's been great seeing people—but I think I may spend a while being a hermit now, trying to rest up enough from all the socializing that I'll be capable of interacting with people at WisCon, and won't just spend the whole weekend hiding in my room. If I do end up hiding, rest assured it's nothing personal.

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