Ironing, Master, Fafblog

Three entirely unrelated quick items, two funny and one sad if true:

  • The new sport of extreme ironing comes to the US. "Clawing up ice-crusted, razor-sharp mountain peaks can get a little boring. And dangling upside down from a bungee cord over jagged cliffs is, face it, rather ho-hum. But now there's a way to add excitement, a dash of danger, the adrenaline rush of risk: Take along an ironing board, a sturdy steam iron and a load of wrinkled shirts."
  • Sadly, Anthony Ainley, the actor who played The Master during and after the Tom Baker years on Dr. Who, appears to have died, although the article notes that this information has been difficult to confirm.
  • I really enjoyed the Medium Lobster's take on gay marriage bringing about the downfall of civilization. After reading that, you can scroll up to see the Lobster and two other bloggers, Giblets and Fafnir, provide similarly entertaining commentary on Catholicism ("I have been in Catholic churches and I have a couple boxes of those wafers in my house somewhere (they are very dry and stale and Jesusy, I do not recommend them)"), Iraq ("It was a whole shell. . . . In the hands of Saddam Hussein he could have used that to easily conquer countries as vast as the Vatican's Order of the Knights of Malta"), the Kerry/McCain ticket ("A republican and a democrat? Together? It is like Voltron—the different colored robots that combine to form one big robot"), and so on. Good stuff. Thanks, David!

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  1. Jeff Hildebrand

    There’s more about Anthony Ainley here. They seem pretty convinced the news is accurate and since it’s been over a week and there hasn’t been any rebuttal to the story appearing anywhere, I suspect it’s true.

    And while it’s technically true to say be played the Master during Tom Baker’s time as the Doctor, he only did so for the final story. I primarily think of him as appearing opposite Peter Davison.


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