Quick update

Wow, I hadn't realized it's been five days since I last posted. Sorry about that. Been busy. Work, magazine, socializing. Mary Anne is visiting. Had dinner with the Thursday-night crowd on Thursday. Also been working on various magazine things, cleaning out various directories to reduce the amount of disk space the magazine takes up, making backups. M and I spent much of yesterday shopping for assorted house stuff: soap dishes, a nice big air mattress to increase the amount of available guest sleeping space, a couple more little trash cans for the bathrooms, that kind of thing. Then we went to see Spider-Man 2, which was fun but not brilliant (about how I felt about the first one, too), though there were moments I liked a lot. We came home and I finally installed the new toilet seats I bought months ago.

So, nothing terribly exciting. Today: lots of magazine stuff, I think, and maybe a bit more shopping.

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