Privacy and security

Cute Flash movie from the ACLU about what it would be like to live in (as they put it) a Total Surveillance Society.

In other news, apparently Homeland Security has decided to shut down CAPPS II, the planned airplane-passenger profiling system. I'm very glad to hear that, and I hope that their comment about "revamping" it doesn't mean something worse is on the way.

One Response to “Privacy and security”

  1. Anonymous

    The new search policies in Boston for public transit have created a lot of fuss, but I think most people are still willing to go along with anything that claims to increase security. And by banning large bags entirely on some routes during the DNC, people will be so grateful afterwards that they are allowed to bring large bags at all that they’ll happily go along with searches.

    While the searches in Boston are supposedly voluntary, I wonder how many people will be arrested when they decline to be searched.


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