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Back in 2001, we did a Strange Horizons reader survey; Mary Anne wrote up the results in an editorial. We always intended to do another one sometime, but what with one thing and another we didn't get around to it 'til now.

So if you read SH, even if you do so infrequently, drop by and fill out our 2004 reader survey. It'll be very helpful to us in all sorts of ways, and it's an easy way to let us know what you think about various aspects of the magazine. It should take only about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out.

One Response to “Reader survey”

  1. Amy

    Jed – I took the SH survey and was disappointed that on the “cartoon” question in the Arts section, I had to pick between “one panel”, “strip”, and “serial” rather than getting a “check all you would be interested in” option like for some of the other questions. Any kind of cartoon good!

    Also, what is up with the “genre of poetry/art” thing? (Yeah, I was the person who kept checking “other” and writing in “I have no idea how to tell what genre a poem is in!”) “Is this poem scifi or fantasy” is not something that ever occurs to me while reading a SH poem, same with the art, so I have no idea, looking back, which I tend to prefer, just that I like some poems and not others. Hee hee, maybe I have some sort of genreagnosia or something. But I feel like I can easily and automatically classify stories that way, so, I don’t know. But it struck me as interesting that the editors (apparently) do think about the art and poetry in those terms.


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