Items: random mishmash

Shortly after posting that last entry, I backslid and got a little sleep. Not much, though, and I'll keep trying to kick the habit.

Anyway, here are a few entirely unrelated items.

  • A Day in the Life of Miss McDonald shows daily photos of a woman in a Ronald McDonald costume doing mundane things, apparently in Manila. (Thanks, Aaron!)
  • Amazon is currently showing a trailer for the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. I didn't see an easy way to just link to the trailer, but it shows up for me when I visit Amazon's front page.
  • SF Site has released their "Editors' Choice" list of Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2004, and All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories tied for tenth. Here's Sherwood Smith's review. (Thanks for the kind words, Sherwood!) The book's been getting good reviews elsewhere too. At some point I'll write up the origins of my zeppelin story, along with some thoughts on what I was trying to do with it.
  • Turns out there was a Super Bowl ad for domain-name registrar that poked fun at censorship and the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" from last year. (Aside: I heard a sound bite from Paul McCartney shortly before the Super Bowl in which, in reference to why he was hired to play this year's halftime show, he said something like "I think they have an idea I might not have a wardrobe malfunction. I can safely tell you I won't—because we're going to play naked.") Fox agreed in writing to show the 30-second spot twice during the Super Bowl. After the first showing of the ad, apparently the COO of the NFL complained to Fox, and Fox decided not to run the second showing. GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons has a blog, in which he discusses the incident and links to the ad. Turns out the one that aired is a shorter version of the full ad, which was available only online.

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  1. Sherwood Smith

    My favorite antho, along with First Heroes, of 2004!

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