The death of sleep

I spent quite a while earlier tonight trying all the possible options to get some sleep, but then I thought, feh, sleep is for the weak. I'll sleep when I'm dead. So I've given up sleep for the duration. And I'm adopting "Sleep: who needs it?" as a motto. Or possibly: "Sleep: what is it good for?" I guess that last word should be something that rhymes with "sleep," but "Sleep: what is it good feep?" doesn't make much sense.

Nor do I, most likely. But that hasn't stopped me before. Or befeep.

Various people have been posting an iTunes meme. Just about the right speed for me at the moment, so I'll give it a try:

How many total songs?

5486 songs; total time 11.6 days. This is misleading, though, because it includes 1200 song snippets from the 20-CD set of Rise Up Singing teaching discs; most of those aren't complete songs. It also includes about 250 items that are unchecked, meaning I'll never listen to them and they're not on my iPod, and another 25 items that I played once from a stream, or that are voice memos I haven't transcribed and deleted yet. So a more accurate number would be about 4100 songs; total time about 10 days. Though even that includes a fair number of things that aren't songs, like spoken-word stuff.

Sort by song title; first and last?

First: ...And Here" [sic], by Suzanne Doucet, excellent New Age going-to-sleep music, which I'll never listen to again 'cause I've decided not to sleep any more.

Last: Zombie Jamboree, by Talisman A Cappella, a fun rendition of the a cappella standard.

Sort by time; first and last?

(Not counting streams and such.)

First: You're About to Be Cheated, from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (0:04).

Last: Chivalry, by Neil Gaiman, from Warning: Contains Language (32:55)

Sort by album; first and last?

(Not counting items with no album name.)

First: Rawhide, from 16 Most Requested Songs—Television Themes

Last: And On, by Yazoo, from You and Me Both

Top five played songs?

The actual top five are the songs I play when I need to sleep and/or calm down: ...And Here", Hombe (Talisman again), Down to the River to Pray (Alison Krauss, from O Brother soundtrack), Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens), and the first half of the Doucet album, "Forever...—which accounts for the awkward close-quote at the end of the second half's title.

I was going to list the top five that I don't go out of my way to listen to, but realized that's tricky, 'cause most of the next five are pieces I've intentionally listened to several times for various reasons. So maybe I'll leave it at that.

Find "sex"; how many songs show up?

Two songs: Romanovsky & Phillips "When Heterosexism Strikes," and the Sex and the City theme.

Find "death"; how many songs show up?

Eight songs.

Find "love"; how many songs show up?

170 songs. (Of course, that includes all the songs from four albums whose titles include the word. And if I include the Rise Up Singing discs, that goes up to 241.)

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