More on sf and unheimlichkeit

Kip has posted a long excellent response to my previous entry; I've only had time to skim it so far, but there's lots of great and thought-provoking stuff there, and I'll settle in and read it in detail as soon as I can. Which may not be for a couple days yet, given today's roundsing and today being Jim's last day in town and the fact that I'm now two weeks behind on reading submissions, and we won't even talk about how far behind I am on editing, because we're polite and wouldn't want to embarrass Jed here in his own journal. Also, one should be kind to the sick. (And no, I don't think I'll be able to do nearly as much singing today as I would like, and yes, I'm sad about that.)

Thanks, all, for the various interesting and thoughtful replies in my journal to that last entry; I'm delighted to see more discussion of this stuff, and I'll try and reply sometime soon, but see above about time. In the meantime, go read Kip's comments.

Btw, I apologize if I got the noun form wrong in the title of this entry; I vaguely remembered it from somewhere and Google seems to confirm it, but I don't actually speak German.

Reminder to everyone reading this via LiveJournal: if you post comments in the LJ version of this journal, I almost certainly won't see them. If you want me to see the comments, follow the link to my journal page and post comments there.

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