Opportunity for self-promotion

I was in a bookstore the other evening; bought a recently published first novel by someone who I think is probably reading this, which led roundaboutly to my being struck again by the number of people I know who have books coming out, and by the impossibility of my reading them all (given general lack of time and general relative lack of interest in novels).

And then this morning I happened across the blog of Scottish writer Hal Duncan, whose first novel Vellum is coming out in a few months from Pan MacMillan UK (see Agony Column review), and the fairly new blog of editor and writer Lou Anders, recently featuring snippets from rave reviews of the Pyr imprint that he edits.

And this weekend is Nebula Awards Weekend in Chicago; it's not too late to get tickets at the door if you happen to be in the area. The awards ceremony is Saturday night, starting at 8:30 p.m.

All of which came together, in a roundabout sort of way, to prompt me to try an experiment.

I invite all you writers and editors and artists and musicians and such (whether I know you or not) to do a bit of self-promotion:

If a work of yours (art, music, fiction, nonfiction, short story, novel, chapbook, whatever) has been accepted for publication or published, in, say, the last three months or so, or is going to be published in the next six months or so, or has recently won an award, feel free to post a comment here about it. (Where "here" means on my journal page, not in LiveJournal; if you're reading this in LJ, follow the link to my journal page before posting a comment.)

You should probably include your name, the title of the work, a brief description of it if you like, an indication of when it will be available if it's not out yet, and a link to where we can find more information (such as a home page or a blog entry or a review) and/or where we can read it, look at it, listen to it, and/or purchase it.

If you've got a bunch of recent or upcoming publications, please limit it to two or three items (but feel free to point to somewhere else that lists all of them). And please keep it fairly short—ideally no more than two or three paragraphs total per person posting.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm expecting; this is an experiment. Let's see what happens.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I almost certainly won't read everything, or even most of everything, that y'all post about. But I'll be happy to admire it all.

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  1. David J. Schwartz

    I’ll play. I’ve got a story coming up in the summer issue of Talebones called “A Whole Man.” I’ll be reading it at WisCon (at midnight!); it’s about airports, paranoia, and wardrobe betrayal.

  2. Beth Bernobich

    I’ll play. I have a story (“The Colors of Tomorrow”) forthcoming this May in the anthology Nine Muses from Wheatland Press, and I have a poem (“In Late December”) forthcoming in the June/July issue of Lone Star stories.

  3. Beth

    Erk. That should be Lone Star Stories.

    (Oh for a preview function!)

  4. Jennifer Pelland

    My short story “The Burning Bush,” which was a big hit at the Broad Universe reading last WisCon, will be coming out in Here & Now next week. And my story “MarsSickGirl” will be coming out in October in issue 21 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

  5. E. Sedia

    My first novel, ACCORDING TO CROW, is coming out in May, and is currently available for pre-order at Amazon.com and http://www.clarkesworldbooks.com/

    It is a coming-of-age non-magical fantasy, set in the world that is more Mesopotamian than Medieval. All info can be found on my website (linked above.)

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jed!

  6. Simon Owens

    My story “This Hand, Waving” will be coming out in July at Chizine.

  7. Tim Pratt

    I’ve got a story, “Bottom Feeding”, coming in the August issue of Asimov’s (my first appearance there). It’s sort of a salmon of wisdom story — except instead of Ireland, it’s set in the American south, and instead of salmon, it’s catfish, and instead of wisdom it’s… something else.

  8. Jason Erik Lundberg

    Hey Jed! I can’t resist a chance to talk about myself, so here goes:

    My novelette “Reality, Interrupted” will appear in either the Summer or Fall 2005 issue of The Third Alternative. TTA is one of my favorite magazines evar, so I’m really jazzed about this.

    My short story “Solipsister” will be published in the Fall 2005 issue of Electric Velocipede, and will mark my second story at EV (the first one, “Songstress,” was honorably mentioned in the YBF&H).

    “Two Cranes in One Day,” my essay about the printing nightmares associated with putting together an anthology, was just published at The Virtuous Medlar Circle, run by Aussie author Anna Tambour.

  9. Ann Leckie

    I don’t have any fiction to brag about…yet. But I do have a project I was part of coming out in June.

    In the mid nineteenth centuryThe Missouri Harmony was America’s premiere shapenote tunebook. It’s been out of print for a hundred and fifty years, and the local shapenote singers (including me!) are putting out a new edition. I wrote one of several introductions, and I helped proofread the music. We thought we’d have to self-publish, but the Missouri Historical Society was interested, so they’re publishing it, yay! We’re supposed to be able to actually have copies some time in the next two weeks, and everyone in the group is tremendously excited.

    Kind of special interest there, I know.

  10. David Moles

    “Planet of the Amazon Women” is going up on Strange Horizons in two weeks! Woohoo!

    Though I guess you already know about that one.

  11. Jed

    Thanks, all! Good to see all this. (And because it’s unusual, I’ll single out one item: Ann, way cool about the shapenote tunebook! I like the shapenote singing I’ve heard.)

    And those of you who haven’t posted, don’t let my subsequent entries stop you; I’m at least as interested as before.

    I’m kinda surprised not to see more novels mentioned here; I thought several of y’all had recently sold novels or recently seen them appear on shelves. But maybe my three-month time window was too short to include those? How about let’s say since around the beginning of the year, instead. And if your book has a copyright date of 2005, even if it appeared slightly earlier, feel free to mention it.

    I think I’ll do another round of this in a few months; we’ll see.

  12. David D. Levine

    My SF story “Tk’tk’tk” was in the March issue of Asimov’s, and picked up a couple of good reviews and one Nebula rec. My fantasy story “Circle of Compassion” will be in Gateways, an anthology edited by Martin H. Greenberg. Amazon.com says Gateways will be available on June 7.

  13. Eva Vandetuin

    Hello there, I stumbled onto this through an LJ acquaintance. 🙂

    I just had an erotic story published for the first time in the Exotica section of Clean Sheets. It’s called “Shifting Into Third,” and like pretty much all my stories, it explores some of the connections between sex and spirituality. Click here to check it out.

  14. Robert Eggleton

    “Rarity from the Hollow” will come out soon. Please see: http://www.fatcatpress.com I’m writing to request that you review it and write a blurb. I’d also appreciate any recommendations to help promote it.

    I’ve received a few blurbs so far. The first is on the publisher’s site. Following are some more. I’ll email the ms on instruction.

    Thanks, Robert Eggleton

    “RARITY FROM THE HOLLOW is one of those strange and exciting bits of literature that captures you with its uniqueness and then lingers on your mind, reasserting itself from time to time to remind you that your reality may not be everyone else’s. A rich and original work, full of aspects and images that are certain to make it worth recommending to friends you wish to impress. Not for everyone, but for those ready to embrace the offbeat, a welcome surprise.” -William F. DeVault, author, LOVE GODS OF A FORGOTTEN RELIGION

    “An unlikely pair, the strange Lacy Dawn and her sent-to-Earth android DotCom take the reader on a wildly improbable and sometimes disturbing romp from rural Appalachia to an alien shopping mall as Lacy attempts to save the world, heal her parents, and fall in love.”

    “Robert Eggleton is a gifted storyteller of boundless imagination and masterful skill. *Rarity from the Hollow* is a dark, humorous and suspenseful science-fantasy story that showcases Eggleton’s expert characterization, description and dialogue. His frank and honest portrayal of poverty in rural Appalachia is reminiscent of Stephen King’s use of “everyday horrors” to create a convincing sense of dread. Eggleton counters the story’s dark mood with touches of warmth and humor, à la Ray Bradbury. I look forward to reading more from this rare, original author.” –J. D. Nelson http://www.MadVerse.com

    “The book reached straight for my heart-strings and played them masterfully. The book is well-written, so much so that its emotions beat stronger than in most any other book I’ve read. –Brent P. Newhall http://brent.other-space.com/

    “…the subject matter is dark and strong, unflinching in its portrayal of human darkness, and not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. Robert Eggleton is not afraid of employing complex style and structure to fit the needs of his story. The mixture of sci-fi, gritty reality, humour, and the mode of thriller reminds me a great deal of Dean Koontz’s writing, and Robert Eggleton may indeed have the potential to follow in Dean Koontz’s footsteps.” –Kevin Patrick Mahoney Authortrek

    “Lacy Dawn is my kinda gal, and “Rarity From the Hollow” is my kinda book. Set in rural Appalachia, it dishes up courses of the offbeat, the unusual, and blends them into a superb main course of good storytelling. This book tells me that we’ll be hearing much more from Robert Eggleton, much more, and it won’t come a moment too soon for me.”
    –Ed Williams, Syndicated Columnist of Free Wheelin and author of “Rough as a Cob: More Juliette Journals”

    “Rarity is one helluva a read. Buy it.” – Allan Cole, “The Timura Trilogy,” “Dying Good”

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