More antispam measures

Still expecting to switch to Movable Type, but in the meantime I've made a couple more tiny changes to my comment-posting code that should help a little bit in the anti-comment-spam battle.

But they may result in comments getting thrown away entirely (though that's not supposed to happen). So be careful when posting comments here for a little while—copy the text into another window before you click the post-a-comment button. And if you do lose a comment, send me email to let me know.

Note that you can no longer use the HTML h1 tag in comments here (not that anybody but a spammer would ever want to). You can use h2 but I can't really see any reason why you would want to (and you'll probably mess up the comment-window formatting if you do, so I reserve the right to remove any h2s). Also, if you post comments using certain words in your "name," the comments will be sent to me in email rather than being posted. This is a total hack, not a sophisticated spamfighting machine, so please don't try to fake it out or even test it; really it's just meant to make a small dent in certain aspects of my comment spam. I'm not gonna put a lot of work into this unless I decide not to move to MT after all.

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  1. Allogenes Kolodny

    Just seeing what happens! 🙂


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