Oy. Some automated spam system has been heavily comment-spamming my and Vardibidian's and Mary Anne's journals. In the past twelve hours, I've had 76 comment spams from the same domain. Finally added it to my home-grown kludge of a spam-filtering system, which seems to be doing a good job of stopping it. But still. Feh.

Especially entertaining is the fact that the URL that's being posted doesn't work. It looks like the server's been taken down. So there's some comment-spamming bot out there somewhere, mindlessly spamming away, blissfully unaware of the fact that its raison d'être is obsolete. Sadness!

One Response to “Spammy”

  1. Vardibidian

    Many, many thanks. Still on dial-up (for how long, oh Lord?), so the notice that I had 50 more messages this morning came as an unpleasant shock. The discovery that I didn’t have to do anything about them was a pleasant one.


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