SH fall fund drive

As October draws to a close, it's time for a semiannual tradition: Jed suddenly remembering that we're having a fund drive and that he hasn't mentioned it yet.

I'm always hesitant to post about the fund drives. For one thing, I hate asking people for money. For another thing, I suspect everyone reading this who also reads SH already knows that we're having a fund drive.

But I know that it often takes several reminders to get me to get around to donating to places that I intend to donate to, and I figure some of y'all may do the same thing. So consider this another reminder.

And it's always possible that a few of you may not know what I'm talking about. For those folks: twice a year we at Strange Horizons ask readers to donate money toward the costs of running the magazine. Since all thirty of us on the staff are volunteers, the costs in question mostly involve paying our contributors for their fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. We've been publishing great new material every week for five years; help us continue to do so!

Nobody seems to believe me when I say this (and I dunno, maybe it's even detrimental to the cause), but I keep hoping: in my ideal model, we would be supported by lots of small donations, and every fund drive would result in, say, 600 people giving us $5 each. I know some of you honestly can't afford a $5 donation; for that matter, I know some of you are low on funds because you've been giving a lot of money to worthwhile organizations this year. That's fine; the magazine is free to all readers, paying or not.

But if you can afford to send us $5, stop by our fund drive page. You can donate by way of Network for Good or PayPal, or by papermailing a check or money order. Donations to us are tax-deductible in the US.

Everyone who donates any money at all will be entered in a drawing for our fund drive prizes. (There are some particularly cool prizes this time around.) But if you can give us more, there are other benefits; give $25, for example, which is less than the cost of a subscription to one of the major print sf magazines, and you become a member, entitled to a lovely membership card; this year's card features artwork by Greg McBrady (illustrator of Ellen Klages's story "The Green Glass Sea.") Higher membership levels provide other premiums.

2 Responses to “SH fall fund drive”

  1. Michael

    Thank you for this note, and most importantly for not being all NPR about it. FWIW, I had no idea there was an SH fund drive, so your note drove at least one donation.

  2. Jed

    Cool! Thank you!


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