Valley shrinks again; film at 11

Monday at work, someone wandered by my cube looking for a particular cube number where a new employee was supposed to be sitting. I didn't know where the specified cube number was--but the name of the new employee they were looking for was the same as someone I went to college with. And sure enough, later in the day I ran into Bruce H. in the hallway.

Tuesday I had lunch in the cafeteria, sitting in the sunlight. (I would be happy to sit in sunlight pretty much forever. I'm a whole lot happier when I get regular sunlight. And I continue to be thankful that I live in a place where I can get sunlight this time of year; I know a lot of folks don't like California's lack of seasons, but it's still the only place for me.)

So anyway, after lunch I was taking my tray to the tray drop-off area and I ran into a new employee, a fellow tech writer whom I'd only met in passing before. We started chatting, and quickly got to "Do you know . . . ?" Turns out that this new writer (call her S) worked for a while in the '90s as a technical editor at Apple, where she was friends with Anne S. (who later became my favorite technical editor, at Macromedia) and they were both friends with a writer (call her V) who befriended me during the year when I was doing contract software testing for A/UX 3.0 (which we used to call "Apple's best-kept secret"; it didn't sell very well).

More evidence that (in the words of my favorite Ted Nelson line) everything is deeply intertwingled.

Though this is all less coincidental than it sounds, 'cause I'm not mentioning the fact that no other Apple people I've talked with in the past ten years have known V.; I gather that she moved to Colorado a couple years after I left Apple. So I guess this is more an example of selection bias than of synchronicity.

2 Responses to “Valley shrinks again; film at 11”

  1. irilyth

    Bruce is at Google now? Hee.

  2. David Moles

    For some reason I just read who befriended me during the year as who befriended me during the war.


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