Separated at birth?

I truly do not have any sort of political agenda here. I was just struck by what seems to me to be a resemblance between certain photos of Josef Stalin and certain photos of Amir Peretz, the leader of Israel's Labour Party.

I don't do inclusive linking of photos, so you'll have to follow the links:

Stalin photo 1, Stalin photo 2, Stalin photo 3.

Peretz photo 1, Peretz photo 2, Peretz photo 3.

I mean, sure, Peretz has curlier hair and a friendlier smile, and the classic Stalin look has a mustache that turns up at the ends. Still, I do think there's a certain facial resemblance.

But again, I do not in any way mean to imply that the two people are remotely like each other. I know nothing at all about Peretz other than the fact of his current job; I'd never heard of him before today. I just thought this was funny.

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