Weather is here

Forgot to mention: This weekend, here in the Tacoma area, they're forecasting high temperatures in the low 40s. Lows in the low 30s, just above freezing.

Back in the old country (California), the forecast lows this weekend are in the low 40s, with highs around 60°F. I am not cut out for travel. See recent comment about my being a known wimp.

Up here in the frozen northlands, they're also expecting rain and snow. (Though the prediction is less inclement tonight than it was last night when I checked; now it looks like the snow will only be tonight and tomorrow morning, and if I'm remembering right, the chances of precipitation have gone down.)

Don't worry, I will drive carefully.

Luckily, I checked the weather report before I packed, so I have with me some clothing I haven't worn in years, like thick winter socks and long underwear. And though it was cold tonight (my breath turned to fog the moment I got off the plane), it didn't feel as really really cold as I was expecting.

But we'll see how I feel about that tomorrow after spending the day in a (presumably unheated) garage.

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